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15-06-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

“The Muse visits during the process of creation, not before. Don’t wait for her. Start alone.”

Roger Ebert

Too many variants on a theme to even get started. 66 more words



Steve Paxton’s interview with Nancy Stark Smith in Contact Quarterly on John Cage and Merce Cunningham 2008


Obscure No. 5 - John Cage and Jan Steele

Take the fast train to Lullaby Mountain with Jan Steele and John Cage in this 1976 album freely and legally available from Ubuweb. John Cage is a famous guy, I think he wrote four minutes of silence, but I don’t know that much about him.  124 more words


Stray thoughts on aleatory poetics and conceptual poetry

Thinking about aleatory poetics, that is, chance operations, the acrobatics one does to get will or self or intent out of the way. Whether that’s rolling the dice, or opening a silence to ambient sounds, or transcribing a day’s traffic reports. 412 more words


“So it is with the places preparing to teach us. It’s only when the heart begins to beat wildly and without pattern—when it begins to realize its boundlessness—that its newly adamant pulse bangs on the walls of its cage and is bruised by its enclosure… To feel the heart pound is only the beginning.

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"There is poetry as soon as we realize we possess nothing."

 “There is poetry as soon as we realize we possess nothing.”

– John Cage, composer, musician