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Today's Musical Interlude

National Lampoon’s Animal House, now regarded as a comedy classic, boasted a soundtrack of lovely late ’50s-early ’60s tunes. But the closing theme was an original song by Stephen Bishop, hearkening back to the days of sock hops, Sadie Hawkins dances, and cake walks. 59 more words

One More Saturday Night Live

Billy never punched John Belushi’s dick. Once at a party, he pulled a knife on Jim Belushi while screaming “World don’t want what you’re selling, you King of Also motherfucker.” And he was right, but it was a birthday party, and it was for a sick kid.

But he liked John.

10 Essential Animated Movies That Are Absolutely Not for Kids

This week, the Criterion Collection releases Watership Down, Martin Rosen’s 1978 adaptation of Richard Adams’ novel. It’s one of the few animated films in the collection to date, but don’t go gathering up the kids, movie nerds — from the moment little Fiver gets his apocalyptic vision, wherein “The field… the field… it’s covered with blood!,” it’s very clear that this is one cartoon that’s not for the kiddies. 1,239 more words


My Debt To Chris Farley

Ever since the airing of SNL 40 and the subsequent re-airing that I watched last night, Chris Farley has been stuck on my brain. I don’t think there’s ever been a dead celebrity that has stuck with me for as long as Chris. 785 more words

50 Shades of Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers get a bum rap in my estimation. The are easily viewed as being common, ordinary, or one shade. I can still hear the late John Belushi screaming out… 355 more words


Pub Stories...That Time I Told Belushi I Didn't Care For His Joe Cocker Bit

Watching the SNL anniversary show, with the Belushi clips, brought to mind an encounter I had with him in NYC, before the Not Ready For Primetime Players burst into our consciousness. 431 more words

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