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Jesus Could Have Cast the First Stone

Have you ever been caught in the act of doing something you weren’t supposed to? Maybe you were breaking the law, or maybe just a house rule. 3,004 more words


Live the Truth

Only when we understand Jesus, do we understand life, for He defines it. When we understand Him we are aligned with the One who is the Life. 214 more words

Religion And Spirituality

When You Feel the Punches

If you’re hurting under an attack, consider Christ.


How heavy is that stone?

We’ve all been in the crowd at some time, or will be. Fingering the rough edges of the stone, anticipating the moment to throw, perhaps even calculating how hard, and where. 544 more words


A radical solution to my 'red lizard of sin'

  It can be reassuring to be surprised by what one reads. Reassuring because I’m encouraged to know God has plenty for me still to learn; therefore, there is no danger of growing bored!   828 more words



Written by: Otavia Sutherland, a member of Operation Youth REAP

Purity…. When you hear the word ‘purity’, what comes to mind ??



Is it okay for me to desire that you walk in revelation? Personally, my conviction is to live more of a revelation-orientated life and less of a reactionary one. 330 more words