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A radical solution to my 'red lizard of sin'

  It can be reassuring to be surprised by what one reads. Reassuring because I’m encouraged to know God has plenty for me still to learn; therefore, there is no danger of growing bored!   828 more words



Written by: Otavia Sutherland, a member of Operation Youth REAP

Purity…. When you hear the word ‘purity’, what comes to mind ??



Is it okay for me to desire that you walk in revelation? Personally, my conviction is to live more of a revelation-orientated life and less of a reactionary one. 330 more words


Shine with Christ’s light

Written by Fiona Monaghan

Light…we can’t live without it. The light from the sunshine feeds us with vitamin D and helps us thrive. It creates beauty in the form of plants, trees and flowers. 310 more words

Rey Diaz

Judge, Jury, Savior Pt. 2

Welcome back! In this two part series, we have been examining John 8 and learning how we can apply the lessons learned to our day-to-day. Part 1 covered the Scripture passage and provided a run through of the text. 1,801 more words

Judge, Jury, Savior Pt. 1

Often we see or hear the question- “If God is love, then we is He so angry in the Old Testament”? We may focus on the constant thread of judgment seen in the Old Testament losing sight of the big picture and find we are asking the same question. 1,316 more words