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The Challenge: Day 4/100

Yesterday I had my last seminar and having submitted my last essay as an undergraduate on Thursday , I have more time to concentrate on my… 172 more words


Seven Kay Em

Um can you look at that pace? Can you believe it? I didn’t….. So I stopped recording the run at 3km because I was afraid id lose it!!! 50 more words


Daily Prompt: Be Inspired!

I am (in alphabetic order) a cancer-surviving, dog-loving, eccentric, eclectic,  Hawaiian Korean-American, heretical, introverted, jogging, meditating, pot-smoking, retired human and yogi.

Join me in my cluttered office as we journey through my imagination in the form of short stories, vignettes, and observations about the world (based loosely upon my life, sort of). 108 more words

Introduction 2

I’ve left the introduction post below, even though this is not going to be a food blog.  (Although I do have some draft recipes saved, so maybe I will post those one day…)  I’ve actually left it there as a bit of a reminder. 228 more words


Run #50 - a look back

Just a gentle 5km today as I didn’t want to trouble my knee unnecessarily. 27:35, my 10th fastest apparently. Who knew!

I started this running thing 116 days ago and in 50 runs I have covered 307km, which is pretty much Auckland and back from the start / finish line of my half marathon. 98 more words


Food and Drink


When I was younger, my family was in the lower middle income class range. This meant we had limited supply of everything, including food and drinks. 748 more words