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That Ever-Singing Chord of Curiosity

My nephew has started swim lessons, which reminded me of my own swim lessons as a kid. Have I told you this before?

If so, I feel as though we all need this walk down memory lane. 568 more words

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Mardi Gras: Changing the Bucket List

I’ve never really had a Bucket List. But when I decided to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, I called the trip a Bucket List adventure to anyone who raised eyebrows at me. 1,128 more words

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On the Other Hand...

Sitting in a dark movie theater, watching all the previews of the upcoming movies–many of which involve fighting or strife because those things make great stories–and I think about how the dramas unfold. 269 more words

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The Long Silence

It’s been a long ten days since my last blog post.

I’ve written. Oh, I’ve certainly written. I spend my days reading and fiendishly writing. But when it comes to posting anything, well, the world seems so full of news and disaster and commentary that I need to fall silent. 508 more words

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Through the Everywhere

After I wrote Address Changes last week, I received a comment from my friend and fellow blogger, Chris, who said, “Adventure, travel, wanderlust and the like is wonderful, exciting, educational… but knowing when you’ve ‘come home’ may be the most important part of the journey.” 365 more words

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Spilled Milk

Years ago, when technology wasn’t what it is today, I remember writing an entire scene and losing it through the magic of a computer glitch. The whole thing was gone. 385 more words

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Söntés F/WGE Presents: Francie and Fred Ginocchio

The Söntés Fall/Winter Gallery Exhibition showcases the work of eleven regional and hand-chosen artists, and displays a mix of colors, styles, and mediums. All of the artwork is for sale, and all will be gone with the New Year. 435 more words

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