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Unemployed? - Take care of yourself at this special time

Hi all,

If you are expecting yet another patronizing article about how to nail that dream job you want – this isn’t it. What I want to do is share some advice with you to help take care of yourself during these times when your self esteem can be a little in short supply. 810 more words


Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil

Unlike some people, I don’t enjoy long, detailed posts, so I’ll cut to the chase with some facts and figures:


Do Unto Others, The Courtesy

Common courtesy.  How much effort in one’s life does it take?  How much time does it ‘rob’ you of?
I am not speaking of the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’ we teach our kids when growing up. 544 more words


Organization in an organization

In a lot of ads for jobs, a company lists the tasks of a job, then ends the list with something like “more tasks as assigned” or “additional responsibilities as needed.”  In small doses, the concept makes perfect sense: a company wants an employee that wants to strive to take on more work for the same pay.   482 more words


My Weekly Battle...

Each week I go through the same thought processes over and over again and nothing ever changes.
I feel as though I am stuck in a revolving door, going through the same shit week after week with no destination and no end in sight. 489 more words

Yeah, I said that!

Yesterday I had a job interview. The lady interviewing me had a passion for writing, as I do. I was getting pretty excited talking about writing! 143 more words