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Do Unto Others, The Courtesy

Common courtesy.  How much effort in one’s life does it take?  How much time does it ‘rob’ you of?
I am not speaking of the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’ we teach our kids when growing up. 544 more words


Organization in an organization

In a lot of ads for jobs, a company lists the tasks of a job, then ends the list with something like “more tasks as assigned” or “additional responsibilities as needed.”  In small doses, the concept makes perfect sense: a company wants an employee that wants to strive to take on more work for the same pay.   482 more words


My Weekly Battle...

Each week I go through the same thought processes over and over again and nothing ever changes.
I feel as though I am stuck in a revolving door, going through the same shit week after week with no destination and no end in sight. 489 more words

Yeah, I said that!

Yesterday I had a job interview. The lady interviewing me had a passion for writing, as I do. I was getting pretty excited talking about writing! 143 more words

I'm Back...Again

Ok yes, it’s been seriously forever.

I finally, after about a year of mishaps, got my permanent residence in Canada and am now legal to work! 414 more words

Unemployed And Looking

That's Just Life

Have you ever been in a situation where you wondered what you were supposed to do with your life??
we’ve all been there, and sometimes its hard to figure this out – some people don’t discover this until they are well into their 50’s. 120 more words

Jobsearching, Social Media and strong opinions

Friday afternoon and our last session of the day in the Getting Started in Postgraduate Research Skills about the use of social media and e-portfolios in our job search. 439 more words

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