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Do unemployment benefits discourage people from working?

I noticed that the latest jobs report showed that the percentage of work-eligible Americans working was at a 38-year-low.

CNS News reports:

A record 93,626,000 Americans 16 or older did not participate in the nation’s labor force in June, as the labor force participation rate dropped to 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Joblessness: Before You Cry Wolf

Let’s face it. Joblessness is a monster you dread a lot. While the degree of sleeplessness it causes may differ from one person to the other and from country to country, governments’ policies no doubt have its own fair share of the blame. 87 more words


Generation of Debt

I wrote this article a while ago for Noir Magazine on Generation Y (Millennials) being the first generation to spend a lot on education but not getting the return back.  947 more words


Ptsd And Joblessness - A Guilty Secret

I am jealous at other people because their lifes and their marriages seem so perfect – from the outside…. but then… I am a person who keeps up the appearance. 77 more words

Getting to the ladder

I recently read Robert Putnam’s new book Our Kids which is about the concept that no longer is the local student population considered “our kids” due to the widening distance between economic neighborhoods and school quality. 160 more words

Photographic Musings

What is the real problem, ISIS or the millions of jobless young men?

I wonder if President Obama ever thinks long and hard of the world’s real problems (ISIS not being one). For these problems of the world are no less our problems, and vice versa, and while the President probably understands this he has yet to place the real problems at the top of his priorities, and seems always to get taken up by mostly the symptoms, not the underlying causes, disturbances on the surface, such as ISIS and its shock and awe program of beheadings and destruction of the physical remains of earlier civilizations. 1,096 more words