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Day 42, 43 and 44 - Because it's my first week

So a quick update, I’m still staying within the new budget but there are better ways I could maybe go about it. It might be due to the timing, because I’ve had to visit some close family friends and also, I had to buy an outfit for graduation because the dress code for the grad ceremony is so strict that the clothes I have are either not formal enough or are so old that they no longer fit properly.  329 more words


About transversal profiles and why a company should never ignore them

Humble opinion after my experience.

Biggest disadvantage, of BIG companies, they work like 30 years ago, no changes. Startup, on the other hand, is not only “innovation risks”, but also the architecture of itself that makes things works differently. 1,014 more words


Day 38 till 41 - Because it's a work in progress

So I haven’t been feeling my best these past few days. Not as in sick but just generally feeling down and frustrated. I’m going to be graduating soon and because I was under the Singapore Tuition Grant, I will need to work here for a few years to pay it off. 306 more words


Goodwill Week Brings Lots of Job Opportunities.

Due to next week being “Goodwill Week” many of the area Goodwill’s are celebrating with large career fairs, including  5, 10, 20 employers in these fairs. 447 more words

Job Hunting?

Are you currently looking for a job and need some help finding available positions, researching companies, accessing salary information and, preparing for an interview?

The library has a wonderful new tool to help you out: Glassdoor… 69 more words

passionately curious.

SO I have been unemployed for almost two months now. And there is not so much to report.

I basically don’t know how to even feel about it anymore. 829 more words


Did Someone Say Moving Day?

After I told myself I would post more regularly on my blog, I took an unintentional hiatus. Oops. However, I come with some big news! I am excited to say that after growing up in a suburb over an hour away from LA, I am officially living in lalaland. 645 more words