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Being an Employee at a "9 to 5" Job

I recently became a freelancer and stopped working for other people, so here’s what I think of the daily grind.

The unusually melodic alarm on your phone wakes you from the only respite you have. 823 more words


Badge Bunny

Badge Bunny

Stranded alone, submerged within concrete walls,

amidst squabbling voices, it finally strikes

me that an ulterior motive is

at play. Instantly, a room choked… 178 more words

1 year and 5 months past Graduation and an employed Designer I'm not

Hello person interested enough to read anything past the title of this article.

Basically the job market is not great anywhere in any field it seems, but it’s been over a year. 1,224 more words


4 Reasons Why Quitting Your Job To Become A Tax Preparer Was A Step Back (And Neither Is Because It's Seasonal)

Dear Har-old,

the bad

  1. 50 cents less an hour.
  2. Bi-weekly pay periods.
  3. Under 40 hours weekly.
  4. And most importantly, what you were doing it for in the first place, the bonus money.
  5. 313 more words

I don’t believe in Stephen Fry’s god either!

Recently a video clip of Stephen Fry being interviewed by Gay Byrne on Irish National TV[i] has gone viral on the internet. Byrne asked Fry to set aside his disbelief for a moment and tell us what he would say were he to find himself face to face with God. 425 more words

Hook Focus

Small... or long break

Hi guys,

Today I will keep it short. I had to take a break in writing due to some serious family-related issues. Sometimes you speak with someone one day and the next one – you get to know that they were in the accident and then – their life is in serious danger. 211 more words


The number of hours it will have taken me today to finish all the orders I had this weekend. I don’t know what I was thinking by putting it off so long. 29 more words