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At the suggestion of reader and fellow technical communication consultant Larry Kunz, I thought I’d elaborate a bit on the use of networking to find full-time employment or customers.

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The Elite Employee Quest Stage 4 Has Closed

Hi there!

How was your weekend? I hope your weekend was as eventful as ours. And most of all, that you’re ready for the challenge of a new week. 256 more words


What Did You Eat For Dinner Last Thursday?

That’s what I thought…I don’t remember either!

If we don’t remember something so recent, how can we accurately recall details of an event from months or years ago? 228 more words

Job Search

Encountered Boredom for the First Time Since I've Been Away From Working

My contract ended the Friday before Thanksgiving week. It was pretty unexpected, but since I’ve done a lot contracting, sudden endings are unusual. I made a definitive choice to not even look for another contract until after the new year, considering that many businesses don’t get much done – and don’t take on new work – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. 557 more words

Help! Help! My Funnel Is Empty!

It’s the bane of every salesman’s existence:no leads.

This is how the story goes: no leads–no appointments. No appointments–no opportunities to sell. No opportunities–no sales. No sales–no income. 423 more words


How To Land Your First Job

2 months before I was set to graduate (March 2 to be exact) I received an email with my first job offer. It was an amazing feeling, but the work that I put to get the job was a completely different story. 1,207 more words

Career Tips

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

In a direct continuation of my last post, I realized today that my CV wasn’t necessarily completely – um, how do you say – complete. 452 more words