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The Disappearing Act

I knew myself through certain words: copywriter, independent, career woman. I  also knew myself through the rituals and routines of my life: the 9 to 5 workday, getting in, faffing about, sharing lunch and cursing management; the restaurants I went to for dinner with friends, the shops I frequented.   165 more words


Unemployed, but still human

There’s something very dehumanizing and just plain fucking horrible about being unemployed and searching for work. Since graduating from college it seems that I am on an endless job search that never really comes to a conclusion. 797 more words


Waiting Game


So I don’t want to sound sappy but when is it going to be my turn to finally get a good, creative, fun graphic design/advertising job. 260 more words


Who's Zoomin' Who?

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. Bank economists emulating that jocular newsroom adage is a startling example of life imitating art… 417 more words

Career Transition

Oh Man, I'm Really Buzzed ...

Today, I am very motivated, even passionate about getting the creative juices flowing, to demonstrate the extent to which I am driven, yes driven to share my… 483 more words

Career Transition

Company Culture - does it affect your Career Change Decisions

 What is Company Culture?  Company Culture isn’t just the mission statement, but also the values, ethics and goals of the company and how they affect you and the way the Company conducts its business.   720 more words


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