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'Elementary' fan recap: Detective, free thyself

Season 3 | Episode 16 | “For All You Know” | Aired Mar 5, 2015

Sherlock Holmes’ investigative method has been the end of many a criminal over the years. 685 more words

Elementary 03x15 ‘When Your Number’s Up’: Eat the Rich

The format changes up a bit this week by showing us exactly who the killer is right off the bat, and it’s perennial TV staple Alicia Witt!   158 more words


Elementary Review: "When Your Number's Up"

Here’s my review of Elementary season three episode “When Your Number’s Up.” Please note that this isn’t a recap of what happens. I’m assuming that you’ve already seen the episode. 1,023 more words


A.A.W. -- Platonic Relationships

Aro Awareness Week continues with a post about platonic relationships! This isn’t platonic relationships with specific aromantic headcanons, unfortunately – although I have already mentioned Val as being very aro, I do consider both Mahnmut and Orphu unquestionably aro, and I can make cases for anyone in the Elementary trio. 798 more words

'Elementary' fan recap: It's all about the Benjamins, baby

Season 3 | Episode 15 | “When Your Number’s Up” | Aired Feb 19, 2015

How much is your life worth? As it turns out, there’s a formula to find out. 723 more words

The Pleasure Was All Mine

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for CBS’s Elementary Episode 3.14 “The Female of the Species.”*

Ever since last week’s episode I have been fangirling over Sherlock’s progression this past year. 628 more words


She Has Come a Very Long Way: Kitty Winter in Elementary

Besides spoilers for the most recent season of Elementary, this article also contains references to potentially triggering topics like rape and assault.

I totally geeked out when I heard Kitty Winter was joining… 1,150 more words