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divorce lawyer in love drops fantastic long teaser

I’ve watched the clip twice and I’m grinning away like a Cheshire cat. Divorce Lawyer in Love is classic adult rom-com with all the lovely ingredients: leads with great comic timing, dollops of warmth, charming chemistry and subtle sensual tension. 63 more words


divorce lawyer in love holds press conference

This must be one of the cheeriest press conferences I’ve seen in awhile. Big smiles and big hearts all around. Jo Yeo Jeong is rocking her super-short fringe and there’s something about Yeon Woo Jin’s easy manner that makes me smile. 41 more words


love in the making

I think I can watch Yeon Woo Jin making strange expressions all day – so entertaining. I’m hoping the BTS shoot for the posters for upcoming SBS weekend drama… 70 more words


divorce lawyer in love drops 3rd teaser

Rom-com for real!!! Yeon Woo Jin!!! I appreciate his awesome knack for comedy and sublime animated expressions tons more after suffering through a string of pseudo rom-coms that don’t tickle my funny bone at all. 47 more words


divorce lawyer in love drops comic-chic teaser

SBS’ upcoming weekend rom-com Divorce Lawyer in Love released a stylish teaser that feels quite cable in execution. The concept is contemporary and snazzy, giving viewers a picture summary of the workplace dynamics we can expect from the drama. 31 more words


Jo Yeo Jeong Travel in Indonesia

Jo Yeo Jeong artis cantik asal Korea Selatan ini terpesona dengan keindahan yang dimiliki Indonesia serta citarasa makanan nusantara dalam sebuah film dokumenter yang ditayangkan stasiun televisi MBC dalam program acara “ 96 more words


divorce lawyers in love releases attractive first teaser

Yaaaaaay. Yeon Woo Jin is back in a rom-com and he’s nailing it even if the teaser doesn’t reveal too much. Jo Yeo Jeong seems to be hitting the same vibe and stride but as whether they will explode with dazzling rapport… it would be nice if we had another teaser of the two engaging each other. 108 more words