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Rock Lee vs Shira! Fuu The Jinchuuriki - Naruto Shippuden 401

Naruto Shippuden 401 mainly focuses on the battle between Rock Lee and Shira as they both test their own skills in a fair battle when Rock Lee is at a disadvantage, soon as Shira enables his powers, Lee does the same and quickly over powers him. 542 more words

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Chunin Exams Begin! Sakura's Strength - Naruto Shippuden 395

Naruto Shippuden 395 carry’s on with the Chunin Exams as we follow Sakura in her journey to become stronger. We also see Naruto train with Jiraiya in order to use Kurama’s chakra to his advantage. 435 more words

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Gaara's First Friend! Targeting Madara - Naruto Shippuden 388

Naruto Shippuden 388 spends an episode with Gaara’s past as we go through it all again to learn that Naruto was Gaara’s first friend. While Naruto targets Madara using one of his large Rasen-Shuriken, everyone follows his attack to quickly seal Madara and end the battle.  422 more words

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