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Deciding to Hope

A reflection in words and images from Kathy P:

“On either side of the river, is the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, producing its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” 374 more words


Widening the Circle (Jonah Part 2)

The last time I preached, probably 9 or 10 months ago, it was an outdoor service. I’m sure that you remember every word I said and you’ve been meditating on them everyday, but just in case you forgot, I talked about Jonah and the Geography of Divine Presence. 2,319 more words

Daily Riches: Learning from the South and East, the Black and the Brown (Jim Wallis)

“What brought me to Korea was a unique ‘Global Forum for the Future of World Christianity.’ Held on Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea, it was hosted by three of the largest megachurches in South Korea (and the world) including Myungsung Church. 412 more words

Loving Well

Why did Leftist "evangelical" Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abortion atheist George Soros?

If you want to get banned from any Sojourners sites, just ask about Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis hiding donations from extreme Leftist George Soros.   243 more words


Do Liberals (Progressives) Understand Economics?

I’m left with the conclusion that most progressives who talk about economic-related issues have done very little reading of economics. 430 more words


The devil went down to Georgia

Have you heard about Kelly Renee Gissendaner? The Georgia woman is on death row for a murder she didn’t commit, but did plan with her lover, the actual killer. 266 more words

Christian Nonviolence and ISIS: You're Asking the Wrong Question

This post is written by Micah Bales at his own blog and is published here with permission. It is the best article I’ve seen so far about Christian nonviolence and ISIS. 948 more words

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