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The Allure of Extremist Islam

The recent disappearance of three teenage British Muslim girls, now believed to have traveled to Syria to join ISIS, has re-ignited a discussion about women’s (and girls’) involvement with extremist Islamic groups. 2,413 more words


Jihad and a Vodka Martini - shaken, not stirred

I watched my first James Bond movie when I was around seven. A short while later, I was a Bond fanatic (which meant, incidentally, that I would grow up to be an avid admirer of Jason Bourne, as well – just saying); I was enchanted. 877 more words


"Push" and "Pull" Factors Fueling Islamic State Recruitment

In a recent testimony to the House Committee on Homeland Security, National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen estimated that over 20,000 fighters from across Europe, North America, or elsewhere in the Arab world had left their homes to join militant groups operating inside Iraq and Syria. 591 more words

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BBC goes inside Gaza tunnels

BBC, Feb 2015

The BBC has been given unprecedented access to the tunnels network used by Palestinian Islamic Jihad to launch attacks. I’t’s been 6 months since a ceasefire deal was brokered between Israel…

Time: 03:26

World At WAR

Telegraph Mysteriously Drop Front Page Facebook Story

The Telegraph were clearly taken with the government’s line yesterday that the organisation most at fault for failing to prevent the Lee Rigby murder was Facebook, running it on their front page this morning. 57 more words

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