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Holiday Confusion

i did the kosher shopping for Passover today. There’s three or four place in town that are well stocked for the holiday, grocers in Jewish neighborhoods. 440 more words



By Victor Topaller, New York

Translated by Helen Brook

Bibi has won. My heartfelt congratulations to all people of reason and good will!

For the bad guys, however, for those who were eager for his defeat, it was a bad day. 1,005 more words


Ithaca restaurants remain off-limits for residents keeping kosher

Yossi Cohen and his wife Leah open their door to residents and students alike for a Shabbat dinner nearly every Friday. They begin preparing the food Thursday evening and well into Friday. 441 more words

Great Article

The Jewish Standard (a publication from New Jersey) published a great article about the upcoming Eshel Parent Retreat.  The article titled, “Oy Vey My Child is Gay” 440 more words



Friday is Good Friday. It is also the first night of Passover.

When I decided to go ahead and follow my conscience to be baptized and to become Christian and join the Catholic Church, I made the commitment to continuing to observe many of the Jewish customs that I had grown up with. 435 more words


Deny the lie of the Abrahamic religions

Deny The Lie of the · Abrahamic religions

We are Satanists and we stand tall to defend our brothers and sisters from those who oppress us. 365 more words


A FREE Passover App for Jewish Kids!

It always amazes me how proficient today’s children are with technology. I remember when I was a child, my family finally got a computer. They had to hook it up into the phone jack and we listened to that “dial up” sound as we waited to be connected to the mysterious internet! 152 more words