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For A Time

It was beyond agony, to have to wait. Jet could hardly concentrate through the last of his classes, and when he was finally released, it was all he could do, to not simply run for his room. 1,509 more words


Ever seen a snowboarder towed by a jet? Didn't think so.

Now this guy is crazy. 125 kilometers per hour on a snowboard is a bit too fast for us.


Life Would Go On, As It Does. As It Must.

Kieron stood at the window and watched his father hand over the bundle to the carrier. The carrier looked at the red writing across the envelopes, and began to argue, for just a moment — this is the right address, and that’s his son’s name, isn’t it? 1,308 more words


The temporary life of a JET

Ok, so all life is temporary, but let’s not get on to that.

So, on JET, the Japanese Exchange Teaching Programme, there is a sense of temporary here. 499 more words

Living Life


Illuminations is the Japanese version of Christmas light decorations, though they usually run throughout the whole of winter. We went to see the illuminations in Gotemba, at Gotemba Kogen Resort. 34 more words


Why a buzzy startup is giving equity to customers

In April, e-commerce site Jet.com plans to open its digital doors to the public in one of the most anticipated startup launches in recent memory. The “members-only shopping club” has raised an unprecedented $220 million in venture funding, which values it, including the funds raised, at $590 million. 481 more words


This Will Pass

Kieron’s mood improved drastically after finding the letters; though he was wounded beyond belief at his father’s actions, though he was furious beyond words, he showed none of it, and simply soothed himself by reading and re-reading the letters he’d found. 1,891 more words