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Future Goals

As I reach the final stages of my senior year in university, I become filled with the anticipation of being free from the drudgery of classes, homework and projects, and yet also with the nervousness of having to find my own path, my own career, my way in the world. 793 more words


How to Sage a Stranger (Just Kidding Don't Do That)

So sage-ing yourself or a space can be extremely helpful in energizing, cleansing, or reboot(y)ing things that either need purification or protection. There are a few different types of sage in which you can buy and there are also many different ways that sage can be used. 485 more words


Transportation | Tornado IDS ItAF 6-32

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By marcomphotos

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Sport | F16 Thunderbirds in Action

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By DeepuDass

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