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Ask Me Anything Reply

I received a question through my ‘Ask me Anything‘ submission form…

“I need some suggestions for Kiwi omiyage. How did the tea and tea towels go over for you?” 97 more words

JET Programme

Preparation tips for incoming JETs

It’s really strange to think that this time last year I was still trying to get my head around the fact I’d be moving to Japan in just a few weeks.  1,328 more words

JET Programme

School Festival Time!

This past weekend I attended my one island school’s festival. Thankfully the predicted rain stayed away and I was able to enjoy a very hot and sunny day walking around the school eating good food, watching dance performances and bowling for sweets! 424 more words


A Blog?! JAPAN?!

This blog thing is NOT easy to maneuver. But I better get used to it because my life is about to get a lot harder in 5 weeks! 717 more words


Beer and Universal Goodness

I finally received word from my school in the form of a letter and a school brochure. The letter, from my Japanese supervisor, was courteous and welcoming, and made me feel a lot better about moving across the world for a year to teach English in a school I know nothing about. 723 more words


Wrapping up my first year in Japan

I looked at my blog history the other day and realised I posted at least once a week when I first starting living in Japan.  Now it’s more like once a fortnight, and just because things have stopped being new and shiny doesn’t mean I don’t have stuff to say!  1,160 more words

JET Programme

Contact has been established...

Finally, haha. Those of you who haven’t heard yet, I feel you. I was getting pretty hopeless. But to ease your pains, I believe placements with second waves received permission to start contacting their people as of today. 499 more words

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