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An Unsurveyed Land

The land I inhabit, my family home, is a forest of sorts. This part of northern New South Wales was once cleared pasture, but my parents started planting before they even built the house, and nearly forty years on it’s a green jungle. 710 more words

Jessie Cole

Writing Isn't Safe

Last week I came across this article from the Wheeler Centre by Jessie Cole which talks about the self revelation of writing fiction. As an author, I’ve had that happen to me. 236 more words


Unwitting Selfies: Fiction and Self Exposure

Nowadays, it’s a truism that we live in a culture saturated with self-exposure. The spectrum of possibilities runs from simple Facebook selfies, through blogs and feelpinions, and probably ends somewhere in the murky waters of uploading amateur porn. 757 more words

Jessie Cole


Getting to know someone new can be a complicated affair. Sometimes it’s hard to judge what to reveal about yourself and what might best be left to a later date. 928 more words

Jessie Cole

A force of nature

Deeper Water by Jessie Cole, Fourth Estate rrp $29.99 346pp

In literature, and in film, there are some classic plots almost guaranteed to grab the audience’s attention. 970 more words


Best Australian Essays!

Jessie has an essay in the latest edition of Best Australian Essays, edited by Robert Manne, due for release in November 2014.

Check out the… 17 more words

Jessie Cole

Suiting Himself

I’ve been seeing him now for what must be at least a decade. The first time I caught sight of him, he was sitting outside a café in Mullumbimby jotting in a notebook, midmorning, wearing what appeared to be a Spanish influenced cowboy outfit. 697 more words

Jessie Cole