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Trial and Error

“If I feel disrespected then that should be respected.” He claimed to respect me after he disrespected me. That was disrespect on top of disrespect. I did not bother explaining it to him, I just left. 278 more words

Predators And Prey

Three Things Loving our Enemies Teaches Us About Jerks

Lately I have been reading murder mysteries. Ever since Serial ended, I kind of couldn’t get enough of crime solving. One of the things I noticed in this genre, both on TV and in books, is that one of the first questions the cops ask friends of their victim is: Does he have any enemies that you know of? 776 more words


9 Jerks You'll Find In Every Hostel

Backpacking is full of challenges. Doing your own laundry for the first time, getting drunk for free, trying to tell a doctor in a foreign language that your balls smell like fried chicken. 866 more words


Lame Adventure 460: Jerk Season

Last week was not one of my better weeks, not to imply that anything monumentally terrible happened, but if a week could be an object, last week would have been a constant pebble in my sneaker. 785 more words


Mantra - Fuhgeddaboudit!!!

Sometimes, there are people in your life who, for whatever reason, decide it would be best to treat you as if you don’t matter.  I’m not talking about an office-mate or your neighbor down the street but the people whom should matter in your life and you in theirs.  126 more words


Episodic Memories: ABC's "Phenom"

With the passing of writer Sam Simon, Andrew and Mark opt to dig into Mr. Simon’s back catalogue, past all of that quote unquote “really great television” like “The Simpsons,” “Taxi,” and “The Tracy Ullman Show.” Instead, we focus our attention on the one-season 1993 ABC sitcom “Phenom,” co-created by Sam Simon. 120 more words

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