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Some thoughts

I’ve rediscovered something I’ve known to be true for a while now. It’s that people aren’t always true, people don’t always understand and people aren’t always forgiving. 798 more words


Wednesday, 2-25-15

Sign up for the Open! It starts the day after tomorrow!

Since post gyms are closed until 0900, we’ll obviously only go at lunch.

Those of you who can do so, please get there early and get on some racks. 60 more words

Lords of Khazak Khrim

Bear with me. This is the first post I have typed on my phone…

My next book, which I am currently working on, is about a war between two enormous Empires and their various proxies and opportunistic enemies.It is a more modern conflict in that it is driven by ideology and politics more Than migration, expansion, or the need of resources. 931 more words

Fantasy Tropes And Cliches

Monday, 2-22-15

The Open is almost upon us! See above for a pretty good look at last year’s Games Season. If you haven’t signed up yet…why not? 69 more words

Curbed Reflection

He was an all-or-nothing thinker. He did not consider me beautiful, so I had to be ugly. As his woman, I was a reflection of him, and in his mind I was in need of getting ‘beautified’. 464 more words

Predators And Prey

To the man who thinks he’s the man….

(dedicated not to DC… but to someone who ranks right up there. She knows who he is.)

You have been entrusted with the most beautiful thing in the world, a woman’s heart. 641 more words