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Very nice

Very nice to have the time
Bake some bread which turned out fine
Sit a while in the sunshine
On my Friday off 82 more words



Undulating patterns
On the river caught my eye
Providing cause to ponder
As I wandered slowly by 69 more words



Travelling to my office
Every day upon the train
I get to see the Sussex hills
and smile at them again
Their undulating rise and fall… 67 more words



As if from hibernation
I have woken with the sun
It lifts me from a slumber
When the winter months are done
It bathes me in its brightness… 69 more words


Party time!

Poor Jeremy. Zie absolutely loves parties but has an introvert for a mother so parties don’t happen nearly often enough for zir liking. Then I got an invitation to a… 621 more words


Voodoo Excess (poems about the Rolling Stones) by Jeremy Reed


Voodoo Excess

(Poems and prose-poems about the Rolling Stones)

by Jeremy Reed

with an introduction by R J Dent


Voodoo Excess, Jeremy Reed’s latest collection, is a history of the Rolling Stones in verse, prose and prose-poetry. 283 more words