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The Projects: The Essential 90s Albums, #25-21

By The S&N Staff. There may be some generational bias at play here, but the 90s just might’ve been the peak of the album experience. 1,808 more words


Days 179-185

I’m missing several photos for this week. ¬†Part of me is cringing over this and the other part is trying to justify it because I’m working or I just wasn’t feeling the prompts! ¬† 51 more words


Welcome To Iwakuni!!! (Part One)

I know. I know. It’s basically been a month since I last blogged. I’m sorry. We took a couple of weeks off to see family. Between spending time with our families, no wifi, lousy cell service, getting sick and preparing for our move I didn’t have much of a chance to get on here. 1,619 more words

I Do And Adieu!

Painting by Number

Limited 3rd Person

“D-Dad?” Catori stuttered, almost dropping the dishes when she caught sight of her dapper father. His face looked irritated until he looked up at her, tucking away his phone with a beam in her direction. 2,263 more words

Sims 4

The wrong way to teach sex ed...

Jeremy and I were having one of those conversations about the silly things zie and zir sister said when they were younger. I told Jeremy about zir… 408 more words


I helped bury a 21-year-old boy yesterday.

I did.
I scattered rose petals over his polished wooden coffin.
I threw a cold, damp lump of soil into the endless hole that was his grave. 480 more words


The shopping blues...

“Mom, I can’t find a clean shirt to wear,” Jeremy said ten minutes before we needed to leave for the bus.

I got rid of all my larger shirts a month ago but that didn’t stop me from frantically pawing through my shirt drawer and closet just in case I missed something, anything. 432 more words