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The Road to 65, Mile 89: Coercion

February 25, 2015, Prescott-   Only unsettled people coerce others to do what is not needed.  I am getting angry e-mails from the Democrats, yelling about how they don’t see my name among the contributors.   102 more words


Every Teacher Needs an Eggspert

If you teach in a public classroom or at the kitchen table…

If you teach wiggly pre-schoolers or willful teenagers…

If you teach math, science, English, or underwater basket-weaving… 580 more words


Hope springs eternal

Sometimes, after reading the news on any given day, a person feels compelled to find hope wherever possible. (I suppose that some wag out there might suggest giving up reading; sorry…that ain’t happening.)  There are days when one just wonders what in hell is going on…but then there are also days when life’s merciful distractions come to the forefront, and Hope raises her tiny voice. 442 more words


The Awl interviewed Arthur Chu, Jeopardy! champion and internet-famous spokesnerd:

Is online celebrity strange?

It is, because stuff that’s happening on Twitter, you feel like it’s the whole world and you step off for a few minutes and it doesn’t matter to the majority of people.

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Umphrey's McGee Featured As Question On Jeopardy

If you’re a contestant on Jeopardy, a broad knowledge of various subjects is required to be successful. This applies to music as well.

On a recent episode of… 60 more words


The Oscars

The Oscars

  1. What actor hosted this years Oscars? Neil Patrick Harris
  2. Birdman won best picture. Michael Keaton stared in Birdman, about an actor who used to play a super hero.
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Clam or Cod?

I watched Jeopardy! earlier, and one of the participants, Gemma, said that she is in a book club. In this book club, they read a book a week and then cook a meal that in some way represents that book. 52 more words