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500 Words a Day Challenge!

I’ve just completed the 500 words a day challenge. The challenge requires you to write 500 words a day for thirty-one days in a row. The reason behind this challenge is that writing 500 words a day is very easy to stick with and therefore it can be used to form daily writing into a habit. 676 more words

My writer crush on Jeff Goins

I’ve got a writer crush going for Jeff Goins. Is it the red-head, Conan O’Brien hair flip thing he’s got going? No. Although I think red heads are probably the most fun people I know. 924 more words

Jeff Goins

30 Days to Publishing (1)


The road of a writer is fraught with peril–writing blocks, plot bunnies, deadlines, caffeine addiction, insomnia, antisocialism, the list goes on. There are many stages–or shall we say mile markers–along this road, and you have the choice to turn back at every stop. 855 more words

What it means to be an Internet Cult Leader

CoffeeandPotato. That’s my Internet pseudonym. Now you may be wondering how I got stuck with this name? The answer is simple. Asdf. A remarkable online cartoon series launched by the renowned… 165 more words


My 500 Words 31 Day Challenge

I am not a dedicated blogger. I know this, you know this. I write when whimsy strikes me. But I joined up with Jeff Goins and his team over at… 510 more words

What is Your Calling?

What is your calling?

I’m not asking what you do for a living, or even what you’d like to do.

For me, I’d LIKE to become an author, a writer, anything with words that I can complete on my own. 874 more words

Jeff Goins

500 Words Challenge brings me two steps forward...Finally.

500 words. 31 days. 1 giddy writer.
I actually accomplished a challenge.


Some of you out there in bloggerland might not appreciate my accomplishment. “Big deal!” you say. 509 more words