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Cleaning out my wardrobe part 1: widening jeans tutorial

As a part of my project “cleaning out my wardrobe” I’m fixing and upgrading some of my old clothes instead of selling them. This is a fun way of extending the life cycle of a garment. 190 more words


Simple Rules For Wearing Dress Shoes With Your Jeans

Jeans are very popular and almost every man owns a pair or more. The versatile trousers have been around for decades and they continue to be popular among men and women of all ages. 431 more words


Jeans Jeans Jeans

I have a tendency hold on to various articles of what most people would term as “junk”.  The reason behind this slightly hoarding behavior is because I always tell myself “I could use this in an art project. 581 more words


Does this woman have the PERFECT butt?!

There’s a woman in LA that is known as having the BEST BUTT in the country and it’s NOT Kim Kardashian!!! I knowwwwww…. not Nicki Minaj either. 86 more words


Denim Rock

Hey all, the outfit I was wearing here, I decided to be creative and adventurous. I ripped my old Ben Sherman jacket, I decided to rip up my sleeves off the jacket as it no longer fits me. 58 more words



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Designer: BOLD Gadgets

Categories: Accessories & Fashion | Gadgets

Year: Present – 2020

Overview:  BOLD Knot will  give you that emergency boost of charge when you need it the most. 87 more words


fashion | via Tumblr

fashion | via Tumblr
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Here you will find all of the best black and white photography tips, tricks and tutorials to take perfect monochrome pictures! 6 more words