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Love Revolution by Will Young - bit of a slow burner...

Will Young’s got a new song out, dontcha know. And it’s from a new album called 85% Proof and all! Good isn’t it. We bloody love Will Young at PoC HQ, which makes the rest of this post a bit difficult to write. 278 more words

Poppers O'Clock

You leave me alone
I feared the green eyed monster
It doesn’t come out



(There is a knock at Phil’s office door,

he tells Dick to be quite

and motions for him to stay on

the couch in the anteroom. 618 more words


.self communique.

Jealousy is the messenger –

not the message.



Where in the world has Rae been?

I feel as though I disappeared from life for a little while. I think I did. It had to happen. And I can’t even say I’m back, but I’m definitely on my way. 2,734 more words

Are my successes secretly hated upon by my peers?

Hi guys i’d like to share my first blog post on something that’s subject that most people of my age range can  relate to

“Why compare yourself with others?

272 more words

Two Heads to a Face (co-written by Valerie Ng)

Two Heads to a Face (2015)

Looksie, chap adjacent,
Upon th’eloping lass yonder,
Whom we promised ever to love, no?

Away with thy bread-hole,
I wish for suffering no longer; prithee… 99 more words