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Appreciating each other's mental tool boxes.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing;  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” ~ Voltaire

When you think of something that a team member didn’t or improve upon something that they’ve been doing, most people will go one of 2 ways:  The first way is the way of negativity.  173 more words


Copycat, copycat

(inspired by and dedicated to those who are driven crazy by family members or friends who copy or imitate)

Copycat, copycat,
I want that.
Copycat, copycat,

1,260 more words

You, with your words like knives And swords and weapons that you use against me You have knocked me off my feet again Got me feeling like a nothing

I’ve been really struggling with some things emotionally lately. I just can’t seem to shake it, and no matter what I do it keeps re-surfacing. 150 more words

On Envy

So I’ve been thinking.

We envy others and others envy us. The rich envy the poor and the poor envy the rich. The famous envy the unknown and the unknown envy the famous. 274 more words


Comparison Kills

I have always struggled with comparing myself to others. Whether it be my sister, my friends or even strangers. I have experienced jealousy when it comes to what a grade on a test, a university someone attended, the friends people had or the boyfriend someone was dating.  489 more words



This is the kind of writing I want to be doing – I love the word pictures in this piece, written by one of my blogger friends: 219 more words


Carry a Big Umbrella: Handling Baby Showers During infertility

If there is one piece of mail that every infertile woman dreads getting, it is the pastel-colored invitation with pictures of diapers, baby carriages or pacifiers. 883 more words