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Longing for his kiss

He hold her hands,
Letting my heart burn in love,
The flames engulfed my heart,
He made me jealous,
Trying to put out the fire, 17 more words


Embracing my "monsters"

There are times when jealousy, ego, selfishness, anger and other inner  monsters wake up and wanna come out, they want to make a statement , they want importance. 320 more words


How Do I Know If I'm Good?

I wrote a new song yesterday. That’s good news, I think, because I hadn’t been able to write anything new – songs, poems, stories, essays, bathroom stall graffiti – for a really long time and so I spent like 3 or 4 hours in the office/library/room where we hang the chin up bar writing and recording this song and then fucking around with it forever because the guitar part sounded weird and I have no good reason for spending that much time making minute adjustments to this guitar track, trying to make it sound less marshmallowy when the only reason I recorded it was really just so I wouldn’t forget how to play the song. 905 more words

A Terrible Tale of Deception

Genesis 37:  Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him to some traders and told their father a wild animal killed him

Lessons for Living Today:

By ignoring God’s directives—life gets complicated. 358 more words

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)

Director: Woody Allen

Starring: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Jose Ferrer, Julie Hagerty, Tony Roberts, Mary Steenburgen

The idea that any of the six characters in this movie actually engage each other in the act of copulation leaves me feeling a bit nauseous. 732 more words

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