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I am a very jealous person, this isn’t something I’m just figuring out. It’s something I’ve known for awhile. Since I’ve started actually dating people, I find that my jealousy is pretty bad… I’m jealous that the person I’m dating had a past relationship, I’m jealous that they did cute things with them and not with me, and I’m jealous that those people aren’t cut out of their lives yet. 250 more words


Jealous of children's naivety

I was visiting family the other day and my 8 year old cousin asked me for the millionth time why I have our Granny’s name tattoo’d on the back of my neck. 115 more words


The Big Green Monster

No, I’m not referencing the Hulk in my title. I am referring to the big ugly thing none of us want to admit we have- … 1,070 more words

God's Work In My Life

Ex's are a problem

You said you weren’t going to be friends with her, but yet you text her, your her ‘Gal’, sounds like flirting to me with all these winks she puts aswell, everytime you speak to her all I can think of is fuck you, you insist on being her friend no matter how much it pulls us apart, choose, because I can’t live with this anger anymore, you either love me or as far as I’m concerned you love her, you text her before me today, thank you I know who was on your mind first then👌, Then you call her boo with a kiss too 👍, I literally can’t deal with it, I’m not cold but I’m shaking because I’m so annoyed & you’ll only turn his on my as if it’s my fault, your the one who started speaking to her again, your the one who chose to meet her even though I cried to you God knows how many times & each time you’ve met her she’s nearly split us up, you clearly don’t really care when it comes to her otherwise you would have deleted her number, blocked her on every social network there is, I would have, in fact I stopped speaking to the girl from Sweden because I thought it was causing problems but once you started speaking to her again so did I, one day I’ll show you how mean I can be and make you feel the way I feel. 82 more words


4th May 2015

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone! – May the Fourth be with you hahahahaa

You probably remember me mentioning the fact that my anxiety is mainly based around relationships? 441 more words

Heyyy, Jealousy

Last week after a big student research symposium on campus, my girlfriend, some friends, and I played Settlers of Catan to as an excuse to hang out, drink, and unwind (plus it’s super fun!!). 632 more words


Better to Have Loved and Lost???

By Daniella Djiogan

“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”

Who made up this quote???

Sincerely, I find it hard to believe… 329 more words