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Dear Scott: My Husband Is Carpooling With Attractive Neighbor And Is Facebooking Everybody About It

Dear Scott:
My husband carpools with our attractive neighbor woman. They constantly facebook their car stories and always look and sound like they are having so much fun driving to and from work. 74 more words


Common Factor

There appears to be a common factor in all my failed long-term relationships, Me. I was not feeling as depressed as usual until this morning. I have been away helping and visiting family in California for most of the weekend. 386 more words

Sex & Relationships

It's the worst.

I can not even explain this fully, but I will certainly try.
It hits you like a bus, all at once. You see something posted by someone that used to make you happy. 174 more words

Jealousy in the Summertime

I’ve been home from college for almost a month starting next week and so far I hate it.

Nobody will hire me because I’m only here for the summer. 186 more words

Fuck you.

Because I’m mad, and I know you don’t read this anyway, and I needed to get this out.

Sometimes I wish I could tell you how mad I am. 358 more words


Lemon Jealous

So hubby was doing one of those online quiz/tests about emotional intelligence, one of the questions was: If jealous was a flavour, what would it taste like? 106 more words


Jody Is Jealous Of Larry Mowry's New Promos!

We LOVE Larry Mowry! In fact, we’re trying to get the nickname #L-Mow (pronounced Elmo) started for him! He may not be in Hollywood, but he certainly has DFW weather cred that earns him the right to a fantastic nickname! 164 more words