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just yesterday after eating supper putting my dishes in the sink. From the kitchen window I can see in my neighbors yard. I see something small and brown running around. 178 more words

My Diary

Man Thought His Girl Was Cheating So He Super Glued Her Private Parts Shut!

This is crazy! A man thought that his girl had cheated on him so he got his revenge by super-gluing her private parts shut! See what she says happened… 192 more words


I Am Ugly

I was keenly aware at a young age that I was not “beautiful”….
It wasn’t something I really lamented, more like I understood early on that I would have to compensate for my lack of “looks.” 350 more words


[WATCH] Yanis Marshall Get Down and Dirty to Nick J's Jealous

We’ve all got down to Nick Jonas’ Jealous, but Yanis Marshall takes it to a new level. He get’s right down and dirty to the Tinashe remix version! 26 more words


A person who seems
jealous or clingy is actually
someone who cares the
most. :-D :-)


500: Loyalty

I belonged to someone else.

There is a small space for them even now.

I belong to you now.

That space that is theirs still remains. 43 more words


breaking out of my shell.

So for years it has been hard for me to break out of my shell and be “friendly” to someone new unless it is someone a friend has introduced me to then I feel almost obligated to be nice and try being friendly.  568 more words