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On Envy

So I’ve been thinking.

We envy others and others envy us. The rich envy the poor and the poor envy the rich. The famous envy the unknown and the unknown envy the famous. 274 more words


Fizz Bumcat wants attention

#fizz #bumcat is checking out my #coloredpencils … I think she’s #jealous of them #😬 or she wants to #color … Not sure #😼 from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1eAntmO


If You're Going My Way...

Being jealous feels worse than the time I had “Life is a Highway” stuck in my head for a month.


needs and wants!

now or wants are completely different from our needs right? our wants are way more than our needs? our wants depend on others whereas our needs depend on us agree? 454 more words


When someone tells me
I am jealous
Jealous of what they have
What they do
What they stand for
Jealous because I am me
And I can never be them…

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I'm just jealous.. that's it... I'll be okay..

okay so I saw my cute classmate walking into school after my performance ended to go for the one his friend asked him to
I was okay and I suan-ed him about missing mine etc… 220 more words

New family member

This is Cloud and he is in love with his new home. He is not so much in love with his Schnoodle brother. His Schnoodle brother is infatuated with him. 72 more words