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Six Speed Swapping you GD/GC Impreza

I have got a lot of questions about the technical side of transmission swapping my wagon. So I will explain the ways you can go about doing it with approximate budgets for each swap. 272 more words


Winter Parts pile for STi Wagon Project

It has been growing quite well as you can see

Parts list so far

  • Exedy Twin Disc
  • RCE Tarmac 2 Coilovers ( KW V3’s)
  • 17×8 +44 Rays CE28n Wheels…
  • 12 more words

Ty's Lexus Ls400.

Rolling in the new season with our newest member, Tyler Menendez.

The 2015 season is right around the corner. We thought, what better way than to start the this year off with a fresh feature. 214 more words


Japan Does Best!: Taitec JGTC Inspired NSX

I know this is just my opinion, but there’s just something about Japanese tuned cars that just seems to make them edge out their American or worldwide counterparts. 78 more words


Smoke Screen: JDM Drift Supra

Well, it’s always nice to see a car doing things out of its “comfort” zone… I’m talking a Varis Ridox kitted Supra getting down with a little drift duty!

Photos via MINKARA


VQ Panty Dropper: JDM Nismo Z33

I LOVE clean, simple, and tastefully modded cars and this Nismo Z33 is the epitome of what I’m talking about. A simple drop and a set of Volk TE37SLs is all that’s needed for this Z to standout from the rest. 16 more words


Double the Sexy: Two Stylish JDM NSX

Ahhh, the NSX, one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time. Although I’m glad that Honda is keeping that name alive with the new production model, the old NA1 and 2s still holds a special place in my heart. 39 more words