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40 Years after #Jaws, UN says Sharks Need Protection & Makeover

40 Years after #Jaws, UN says Sharks Need Protection & Makeover
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Animal Welfare Ambassadors – Happy July 4th!

Jurassic World: Disney Land with Dinosaurs

(WARNING – spoilers alert)

Picture Disney Land but instead of being greeted by a friendly Mickey Mouse and roller coasters replace that for some ferocious human eating dinosaurs. 537 more words

Interview With Attack Shark in North Carolina's Outer Banks

Hey. My name is Tooth Tuttle. Been a head boat captain here in Hatteras since before you was a pimple in the pool. Don’t much like talking to y’all with sand in the brain but it’s time somebody spoke up for the sharks out there. 732 more words


Good Movie? Pssh. Let's Watch Sharknado!

You’ve seen Jaws, right? We’ve all seen Jaws. Jaws is a brilliant movie. It is a classic of cinematic art. Jaws has built lasting artifacts in our psyches: the theme song (duh- 3,872 more words

Real Life Shark Week

Today another shark attack occurred. That’s the 7th attack in just a few weeks. 2 of the attacks happened within 2 hours of each other about a mile apart. 150 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Customer Appreciation Post — Blood & Sand

The Reg Lenna is showing Jaws tonight at 7 p.m. and the organizers gave me a little shout-out in some of their social media promotion:


My Gold-Plated Shanty

My new apartment complex is like an upscale resort. It touts not one, but two pools, two exercise rooms and an arcade.

Interested in a private yoga instructor? 490 more words