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Simple JavaScript Image Slideshow: Refactoring = Progress!

Now, I know the posts about me programming are a bit dull since I’m still very much a beginner, but since I didn’t have any activities scheduled this weekend and no work stuff to take care of, I felt like I was finally able to make some significant growth in my programming powers.   876 more words


JavaScript Bookmarks

An easy to use HTML5 JavaScript Charting library built on Canvas element.

A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library.

jQuery UI… 49 more words


Scripts for InDesign: Accessibility

Adobe InDesign is a common application used by graphic designers.

Scripts can be used in InDesign to help designers make accessible documents, and to speed up some tasks. 207 more words


Finished "Intro to JS" on Khan Academy

I’ve finished the lesson, and have earned 100,000 energy points:

It says “93% finished” because I’m still waiting on some projects to be graded or checked, and that would fill the 7%.


Getting RSS Feed with AngularJS

As the title says, I was looking into getting RSS Feed through AngularJS. The example RSS I used is Amazon’s Best Seller Books list (just random). 146 more words


Jasmine: starting out

Get the Jasmine download. If you don’t want to use GitHub… and I don’t, go here , and download the most recent jasmine-standalone-(version).zip, and expand it. 152 more words


CSS Image Zooming Grid

Time to get your CSS zoom on!

Have you ever found an awesome site that uses some sort of grid to display images? Better yet, when you hover over those images they do a fancy zoom in/out? 19 more words

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