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pass value to query in php using ajax

I want to pass value from anchor tag to php database using ajax..


How do I run PHP code when a user clicks on a link?

I want to have a page run some PHP code when a user clicks on a link, without redirecting them. Is this possible with

<a href=“”></a> 6 more words


The Wishlist project

The wishlist feature is a bootstrap project for our next engineer. The project time frame is two to three afternoons.

In HabitLab, users have the option to save programs to a wishlist. 364 more words


The True Cost of Progressive Enhancement

I stumbled across this fantastic post today about the cost of progressive enhancement by Aaron Gustafson. Published in 2013, it’s as relevant as ever, especially considering the fast-paced world of the Web and the increasing reliance on JavaScript.


Learning JavaScript

Welcome. My name is Gary, and this is my plan.
I want to learn JavaScript – I know of no better way of learning then to dive in head first. 76 more words


Technology update

So I’ve been busy with work stuff and running lately. The result is I haven’t posted much to this blog. I’ll try to do better, but no promises.   187 more words


Custom JavaScript Errors

Unlike many other programming languages JavaScript does not allow you to catch a specific error type when catching exceptions. Within JavaScript you are able to create custom JavaScript error objects but your catch clauses will catch all types of errors. 401 more words