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Web development #6: Getting interactive with JavaScript

We’ve come pretty far by now! We’re almost there actually. After reading this post you should be able to create pretty awesome websites using the full web development stack! 2,840 more words


How it all began

For the past six years I have worked for a christian non-profit as a baker and dessert connoisseur. The job fell into my lap when I was nineteen. 470 more words


How to force paste from word in CKEditor 4

This post deals with forcing CKEditor 4 into pasting form word on every CTRL+V directly in the editor’s textarea.

For this fix to work, one has to get a bit into CKEditor’s code and modify the pastefromword plugin. 303 more words


Software Laws

I was looking for a specific theorem called CAP theorem, but came across these interesting, sort of funny but somewhat true, software laws.

I think these laws are useful to get better understanding of philosophy behind a software or computer science in general. 82 more words


Setting up Babel with WebStorm on Windows

So I decided to start working on a project combining Node and Aurelia, kind of a MEAN with Aurelia as the A.  I’m coming from a .Net background, so I’m on Windows.   471 more words

Kerding Sterf

jshint /usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

the actual problem is in node
just run this “ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node”