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Intro to JavaScript and jQuery

Three posts in one day!? Am I looking to seek out and destroy all motivation to write blog posts ever again!?  Well, I figured I had a bit of catching up to do since I started working on web application development full time.   384 more words

Before this blog...

This blog isn’t the first step I have taken in pursuing web application development.  I am using this post to explain where I am currently at.   440 more words


Tasks for Week 9 — JavaScript, March 9 - 13

When you come back from Spring Break, we will have a normal week in this class. That means a normal class meeting on Monday, an individual meeting, a quiz, and an assignment (in Canvas) due on Sunday night. 87 more words


Learning Javascript - Fundamentals - Objects vs. Arrays

Hello again. We are back with explaining Javascript fundamentals. Today we are going to go over Objects and Arrays. Explaining different attributes and what really makes them different. 358 more words


Simplify Prefix Lists 4 - Create Your Own JavaScript Network Configuration Program (Part 111)

My goal today is to get an option for removing all sequences, which is the opposite of the last option I have added in the previous post – adding sequences to all lines. 53,202 more words


Pass Wordpress variables to JavaScript

WordPress has an excellent way to pass on variables declared in PHP to JavaScript. The steps are given below along with example.
$site_parameters = array( 113 more words


Readability of your code

Readability of code is a hot topic these days and we realize its importance more than ever when we work in a team environment or when the team members change or when we receive a project coded by someone else. 779 more words