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It has become apparent that JavaFX is not well suited to games development and as such is not a good fit for this project, which has now been converted to Java and will use Swing. 71 more words

Game Loop

While research is being carried out and concepts are being developed it is still possible to build some of the core components of the game. By getting some of the important parts of the program built early, the production process should be much smoother because then the base systems will already be in place for when features are ready to be implemented. 278 more words

Tools, Technology and Software

Before work can begin on the testbed/game choices need to be made on what programming language to use and what additional tools to use. After taking a look at several languages the plan is to use Java as it seems to be at the right level of complexity for this project. 187 more words

JavaFX Tip 21: Animate!

When developers try to sell the switch from Swing to JavaFX to their superiors they often say that the user interfaces will look better and more modern. 352 more words


JavaFX simple I/O

In order to get better acquainted with JavaFX I have decided to go one step at a time. So first, the code…and then the explanation… 527 more words

Java Development

JavaFX Tip 20: A lot to show? Use Canvas!

There seem to be two kinds of JavaFX applications: the first one is using a scene graph with nodes and CSS styling, and the second one is using a single canvas. 781 more words


Java GUI - JavaFX drawing function

When I started learning about how to make a simple GUI there was actually no dilemma. Java Swing  was buried deep in the ocean of neglected libraries, to reside side by side with Win 3.11…okay, not that far, but the point is the same. 496 more words

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