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JavaFX - Monte Carlo option pricing applet

One of the things I like about JavaFX is that it can be deployed on a lot of platforms, and very easy btw. So in this post I’m going to use the Option Pricing code from previous posts to create a JavaFX application that runs both on desktop and as an applet without any code tweaks. 1,650 more words

Monte Carlo

Developing a Drag-and-Drop UI in JavaFX (Draggable Nodes), Part 1

This post marks the beginning of the second component of our application, namely, making objects draggable.

Most of the hard work has already been done in the first four parts of this series. 1,043 more words

Developing a Drag-and-Drop UI in JavaFX (Draggable Icons), Part 4

To this point, we’ve created our skeleton application with a SplitPane view populated with a vertical list of colored icons at left. These icons are draggable from the left-hand pane to the right-hand pane, but that’s it.  1,590 more words

Developing a Drag-and-Drop UI in JavaFX (Draggable Icons), Part 3

To this point, we’ve built a skeleton application with two custom controls: RootLayout, which consists of a hierarchy of containers that define the main application view, and DragIcon, which is a simple AnchorPane representing a draggable object we can drag and drop from the left to the right side of our application. 1,538 more words

Drag-and-Drop UI in JavaFX (Draggable Icons), Part 2

To this point, we’ve set up a skeleton JavaFX application and separated the resources from the code. We’ve also build a few classes and two FXML documents with template code to make them functional. 974 more words

JavaFX Tip 18: Path Clipping

I recently noticed that the PopOver control, which I committed to the ControlsFX project, does not properly clip its content. It became obvious when I was working on the accordion popover for the FlexCalendarFX framework. 258 more words


Drag-and-Drop UI in JavaFX (Draggable Icons), Part 1

Recently, I’ve been working on developing an app in Java.  As I did research, it appears that, although JavaFX has received a lot of attention from Oracle lately (especially with the releases of Java 7 and Java 8), many in the industry think Oracle’s devotion to their UI framework to be… 919 more words