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Drag-and-Drop in JavaFX (LinkingNodes with Cubic Curves), Part 3

This is it. Last post for this series. We’re going to finish what we’ve started, connecting two nodes with a CubicCurve. It’s a bit more involved than it seems, but it’s not too bad. 2,113 more words

Membuat Animasi Gerakan Parabola dengan JavaFX

Pagi saungkoders !!
Lama tidak berjumpa. Maafkan hamba yang sering absen menulis disini (sedikit pesan kepada author saungkode yang lain : “nulis woy!” #mungkinmerekalelah). Saya tidak tahu mau nulis apa, sampai kemarin ada yang bertanya seputar hal ini (baca : judul). 727 more words


Introduction to using JavaFX with afterburner.fx

I wanted to try out afterburner.fx, a JavaFX framework which describes itself as:

a minimalistic (3 classes) JavaFX MVP framework based on Convention over Configuration and Dependency Injection.

1,076 more words

Drag-and-Drop in JavaFX (LinkingNodes with Cubic Curves), Part 2

This is the tricky part. :)

In this post, we’ll develop the code which manages the CubicCurve we’ve wrapped in our NodeLink class, make it “drawable” using the drag-and-drop operation that we’ve already written, bind it so that it is always connecting it’s nodes, no matter where they go, and shape the curve to our liking. 1,327 more words

CalendarFX (EA) for JavaFX 8

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of CalendarFX for JavaFX 8 (EA), a framework for creating professional calendar user interfaces for any type of application. 112 more words


ScalaFX - Alerts and Dialogs

One of the new features on ScalaFX 8.0.40 are Alerts and Dialogs. Dialog API allows for opening a dialog window and returning result from the user. 1,221 more words


JavaFX on Android with JavaFXPorts

Nowadays there is a tool that allows to deploy your JavaFX application easily and run it on Android and iOS devices (thus making the phrase “write once run everywhere” true) and it’s called… 991 more words