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Back from Spring Break

Two weeks ago, we came back from spring break.  It was kind of a weird week because we came back on a Friday and then we got two more days off.   279 more words


Hello !!

Hello and Welcome to Marbles Fan Page !!! He now has a page for all his friends and fans to go to. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments for the rock star.



Gospel music is a music genre in Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. 363 more words

District 120 Capitol Report - 04/23/2015

After several long days of negotiations and discussion, the House and Senate finally worked out their differences and gave final approval to the Fiscal Year 2016 state operating budget. 1,471 more words


Horror Toy Collection #1: My Online Buying Strategy

Aside from metal music, horror films, and horror books, I also have a thing for horror action figures. I have been attempting to trim down my collection by only focusing on a few film franchises. 417 more words


Jason Thielke - Laser-Cut Figures

Jason Thielke’s beautiful imagery navigates the astoundingly complex dynamics of human nature, mixing a hard linear style with soft and fluid emotion. As he puts it, the works explore the “conflict between one’s ability to implement self control and compulsion to manipulate and constantly self-gratify.” The pieces, with their wildly intersecting lines, cosmic-like points of color and seductive subjects, convey this exceedingly well, drawing out many of those emotions in the viewer themselves. –Benjamin Starr


Freddy vs Jason; The Facts

Freddy vs Jason, from the creative mind of horror maven, Mr. Wes Craven… But was it accurate? We can all agree on how much it sucked as a film (and if we can’t then you must have been watching something else). 905 more words