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梵字 Bonji tattoo

These baby’s are coming back! Finished my Lettering tattoo design for my sketch book (check it here), and now I’m (once again) back on the Buddhist Sanskrit (Bonji) task. 28 more words


Tribål Alphabet tattøø (Fertig/ Finished/仕上がり)

buchstabe der kinder im tribal stil

The customer request was to have the initials of his children incorporated to a Tribal tattoo. I gave him a tip that would be interesting if each lettering would be a pattern itself. 7 more words


totenkopf schlange/ Skull & snake tattoo 5 (Fertig/ Finished/仕上がり)

Alles fertig! Unten bild: die step by step für diese Tattoo. Von links nach rechts: vierten bis ersten termine.

Bellow is the step by step of this tattoo. 12 more words


不苦労 Eule/ Owl tattoo (erste Termin)

This is the first session. The customer wanted the Owl entirely, but (due to space matter) it didn’t worked smooth…


So, we changed the approach (not the theme) and decided to draw just the head. 39 more words



eine stunde für zeichnung, zwei stunde und halb für tattoo

1 hour for free hand drawing and 2 and half for tattooing.


Phoenix lady tattoo (Abgeheilt/ Healed )

diese tattoo hatte letzte jahre gemacht. Total drei termine.
eine schönes WE für alles freunde gucken diese blog!

Done last year. You can follow the step by step from here