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Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi - Part 2

In the previous post of this two-part series, I introduced the most widely known stories about the giant, Daidara-Botchi.

Part two is another version I heard from my high school teacher.  288 more words


Mt. Tsukuba and Daidara-Botchi: Part 1

My hometown is located in the Kanto region of central Honshu. It’s not too far from Tokyo but it’s a typical rural city where farming is still one of the major industries. 455 more words


Kitsune Fox Spirit


A Kitsune or Kyubi-no-kitsune is a mythological fox woman of Japanese folklore. They are often depicted as intelligent beings and having magical abilities that can increase with their age and wisdom. 135 more words

The Mystery of Y Shaped Land

“Find Y shaped land and then bury him there.” My grandma told me this when my puppy died over 20 years ago.

One Sunday afternoon, my puppy got food poisoning and died in an awful way. 685 more words


The Tame Tengu

Isao Ato envisioned elevated personal goals and purposes for himself when he was appointed to a position at Kyoto University’s Faculty of Letters. Although he was assigned to teach courses in Early Japanese Literature, he was possessed by a particular interest that lay beyond that academic subject and its boundaries. 2,567 more words


Night Parade Part 8

The allies, so named in the tale remained seated in their spots in the circle just as their surrounding youkai burst in a sudden geyser of blood and limbs. 187 more words


Prequel to Onmyouji Chronicles 1-1

Back to my original piece of work. This is my first attempt at writing a short story, and confirmed my suspicions that I’m too long-winded to carry out short stories. 884 more words