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Takayama: a historical gem in the Japan Alps

Takayama is a two-and-a-half hour ride from Nagoya. The Hida Wide View express train takes a very scenic route along the fast-flowing Kiso River and passing through the hot spring resort of Gero. 698 more words


First Day、 最初の日? 

Before this goes any further, I would like to state that I am not a writer, in anyway shape or form. After my first year of required writing classes in college I swore that I would never write any other subject matter for the purpose of “ 338 more words

First Day

A night in a Buddhist temple in Mt Koya

I have wanted to visit Mt Koya for a long time, but somehow have never got around to it, perhaps because it is rather isolated. Then again, it is this very isolation that is its main attraction. 665 more words


The delights of Kyoto in springtime

Finally, the wonderful sunny weather I have enjoyed since arriving in Japan ten days ago has broken and it is raining in Kyoto this morning. I guess it had to happen at some point! 748 more words


Discovering 'nonbiri' and Japanese toilets in Tsuwano

It has been over twenty five years since I lived in Japan though I have been back many times since then for business and for pleasure.  782 more words


Tas 'Roti Tawar'

Bulan April ini adalah tahun ajaran baru untuk sekolah-sekolah di Jepang. Untuk anak TK yang akan masuk SD, yang pasti ditunggu-tunggu adalah perlengkapan sekolah baru. Yang menarik di Jepang adalah tas sekolahnya.   299 more words

Japanese Life

Bathing under the stars in Yufuin

Wow, I’ve just reached the ocean again at Oita after a journey right across the centre of Kyushu.  For someone who would win no prizes for my sea legs, I simply love to be by the sea. 689 more words