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Hotpot Hotpick : Ganso Shabuway Japanese Style Hotpot

Have you ever felt tired of eating “the usual” all the time? Fast food burgers and pasta, expensive gourmet food or unhealthy impractical restaurant food? 477 more words


Spicy Black Pig Ramen

In basement two of Takashimaya Shopping is a restaurant called Tampopo.

I was tired of all of the food stalls in the food court here and I was craving soup broth, so I went here. 186 more words


Cooking Japanese Food: Tamagodon (卵丼)

Tamagodon are eggs on rice, a simple meal and easy to make. You should be able to get most ingredients everywhere, or at least be able to substitute them. 128 more words


Bradcat’s Personal Focus… Yuzu

The hunt for authentic Japanese food has been a long an arduous task, but someone’s got to do it, eh? So with each restaurant I visit, I weigh up a variety of key components including, taste (obviously), price, atmosphere, and authenticity. 858 more words


Salmon Sashimi on Spot

Recently, Salmon Sashimi has been my ultimate Japanese comfort food. It brings joy to my taste buds with its delicate flavor and texture! What’s Sashimi, you ask? 180 more words


Sushi Masuda, Minami Aoyama - One of Jiro's Disciples Starting Off On His Own

If you look at the DVD cover of Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, there is a younger chef on the right hand side of the team photo staring into the camera with a look of bemused detachment. 380 more words

Nikkei food

On Friday I got invited to a Soho restaurant called Chotto Matte.  They serve a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.  Sound a bit strange?  Well there is a huge settlement of Japanese in Peru (Peru has the second largest Japanese population in South America).  255 more words