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Dish 26: Japanese cuisine - Spinach, Tofu, Sprout Salad

I didn’t follow the procedures from the reference book, which just mentions that combine all ingredient in a food processor to make it. What I did is heating the sesame seed, add oil, and when the oil is warm then put all the other ingredients in and keep heating 30 seconds. 118 more words


Bowled over: instant noodles work their charm

Following my blog post on Japanese cuisine, which focused mainly on sushi, I’ve since been interested to know more about another Japanese national obsession: instant noodles. 693 more words


Riozen @ Little Tokyo - Pasong Tamo

I’ve always preferred cold days, since there is nothing better than to slurp your way through a steaming bowl of noodles – fragrant, savory, and noodle-y. 1,016 more words

Kezō-ji Temple

Kezō-ji is one of my favourite spots in Matsue. Remote, quiet, and with a great atmosphere. And although it’s difficult to get for people travelling by public transport, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the visit.  336 more words

1) SEE & DO

*Katsudon Recipe

Katsudon is one of the more popular dishes in Japan. It’s main ingredient is a pork cutlet that is usually accompanied with rice and eggs. The site… 33 more words


All Day Cooking Venture: Ramen for Two

I had last week off (yay for working at a school!) and decided that I wanted to devote a whole day to cooking. Call me crazy, but yes, I wanted to spend a day of vacation in the kitchen! 1,228 more words