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Myths of Pearl Harbor Debunked

While some conspiracy theories possess real merit…. the persistent thesis that high-ranking government officials had prior knowledge of the Japanese intention to attack Pearl Harbor warrant little consideration.  342 more words


Date night in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that has more Michelin stars than anywhere else on the planet, and its restaurants are known for using the best quality ingredients and having an almost insane dedication to perfection, both in terms of flavour, presentation, and service. 653 more words


Frieza's secret battle training regimen and more revealed in awesome Dragon Ball Z fan art

As far as anime bad guys go, Dragon Ball‘s Frieza has actually got quite a loyal following. People are willing to wait in line for hours to… 246 more words


Travel Often and Get Lost, What's On The List?

A few years ago on my first trip to Hong Kong, I got my palm read at Wong Tai Sin Temple. I’m not at all superstitious but it was my first solo trip, I was in a new city, and it seemed like the thing to do there so why not?  560 more words


Serially Found ~ Finding Adventure

In response to Writing 101’s Prompt: Serially Found.

Write about finding something.

Tell us about the time you retrieved your favorite t-shirt from your ex.

909 more words

Chinese Man recounts the torture of his mother & baby brother by the Japanese

Survivor From Nanjing Massacre (Male)  

Japanese Army massacred 300,000
soldiers and civilians in Nanjing

Japanese Army massacred 300,000
soldiers and civilians in Nanjing

In 6 weeks, they killed over 300,000… 32 more words

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