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Its Not My Psychosis - Its THEM!

I had retreated to Greentree from the city and was staying there until I could regain my physical and emotional strength after using ice for that last stretch of just over 6 months. 2,253 more words


The 1st Day of the Long Detox - Love and Trust

On this day I was travelling to Greentree to remove myself from the city to make the detox easier. This stint of ice (methamphetamine) use had been one of my shortest a little over 6 months but was very heavy. 1,289 more words


A New Meaning to the Expression Down Under in Australia

“I thought of the divisions, within and through my city, small ones, cracks in pavements
and in people’s minds, that were familiar, nondescript, repeated as often as the scene in…

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Dan & Rider's Rectifiable, Revisionist History High School Adventure

“Essentially, I viewed life from the opposite direction as everyone else. My future was
their past and their past my future, so while others perceived events in light of what…

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Animal fostering: What is it?

Jan. 30, 2014

Peter Murphy is a foster parent.

He’s currently fostering Murphy, the pit bull.

“It fills a hole in your life. I didn’t realize how empty my life was until this big lummox wandered in and took up residence in my life.” 589 more words


A Return to Innocence, One Step at a Time

What can an English tabloid journalist hired by Piers Morgan reporting for the United Kingdom’s Daily Mirror to write exploitative editorials have in common with an award winning country music star from Canada? 1,075 more words

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