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Channeling MacGyver

I went redneck with my lunch yesterday. Or maybe it’d be cooler to say I went MacGyver.

Yeah, that’s it. I totally went MacGyver.

We had fixed Taco Salad for the church youth group Sunday and still had leftovers come Wednesday evening. 386 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

I Was On The Cover...

We received notice around 7:30 last night that school would not be in session today due to inclement weather. This resulted in a relaxation of bedtime and a “can we play a game?” request. 1,089 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Your Magic Powers Are Lacking

Jane and Hal were playing with some dominoes on the dining room table this morning.  Hal had initially been lining them up and then knocking them over, but when he saw his big sister building a tower, he imitated her. 197 more words

Hal (The Baby)

When Math And Awesome Aren't Considered Synonymous

Jane and I had a conversation recently as she struggled with her math homework and I grew frustrated with what she didn’t understand.  I finally looked at her and said, “Honey, I’m sorry.  1,313 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

A Special Kind of Parenting Pain

A friend texted me a disturbing picture last night.  One that broke my heart and wrecked my evening.  I was sitting in an important church meeting when it arrived.   987 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

When Logic Meets Fandom

“How was school today?” I ask Jane after picking her up from a friend’s house one recent school evening.

“Fine.  Clara sang Steal My Girl in Yearbook today.” 449 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

When Pop Stars Tell You What To Do

It was a rough day.  I’m guessing most of my problem was just my own reaction to the frustrations of life, but still.  I can’t get out of my skin… or my head… so, it was a rough day. 952 more words

Jane (The Oldest)