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Sparks Notes: When 'The Best of Me' is actually my organ donation

“Sparks Notes” is one hot-blooded woman’s deep dive into the Nicholas Sparks film oeuvre. Each week, we’ll journey through another movie based on a Sparks novel. 1,308 more words

Disturbing Behavior: It Could Have Used a Few Laughs

By Vince Gaetano

Not that a handful of jokes could have saved this turkey. Nothing short of the hand of God himself could have saved this movie. 581 more words


Accidental Love Blu-ray Review

“Accidental Love” is already one of the worst films of 2015. 387 more words

Blu-Ray Review

You'll Never Work In This Town Again!

A movie about hipsters in New York City with several culturally conservative messages was infiltrated under the radar. Honestly, I don’t know how this movie got made, but the screenwriter looks to have… 23 more words

At the Movies 2015: The Loft

The Loft
USA 2014
Written by Bart De Pauw & Wesley Strick
Directed by Erik Van Looy
Watched on 11.03.2015

Despite an intriguing concept and an all-star cast (albeit rather B- than A-list), “The Loft” completely bombed at the US box office. 556 more words

Movie Reviews

Disturbing Behavior

Nostalgia is a strange thing. I have very distinct memories of loving this movie as a kid. But as an adult it’s not at all what I remember it to be. 538 more words


The D Train

The D-Train

What it is: A trailer I wish would collide with it’s namesake.

Pros: None here.

Cons: -Trailer pretty much covers the entire conflict of the movie. 113 more words