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How 'Bottle Rocket' Launched The Wes Anderson Brand Of Whimsy

Wes Anderson’s movies can be polarizing. There’s no doubt that for every fawning critic who raved over Grand Budapest Hotel, there’s a hater still ripping on… 916 more words


What to expect when you're not expecting


Three stars

Directed by: Jacob Tierney

Starring: Sonja Bennett, James Caan, Danny Trejo, Paul Campbell, Laura Harris, Jared Keeso, Lisa Durupt.

Running time: 109 minutes. 490 more words


Blindspot Series: The Godfather (1972)

Plot: Vito Corleone is the aging don (head) of the Corleone Mafia Family. His youngest son Michael has returned from WWII just in time to see the wedding of Connie Corleone (Michael’s sister) to Carlo Rizzi. 805 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | The Gambler (1974)

“Ah, quit lying to yourself. Once you ain’t a virgin no more, you’re a whore till you die.”

Movies centered around gamblers and gambling a rarely setups for happy endings.  502 more words


Scene 8 - The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Isao Takahata’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a beautiful labour of love, and in my opinion will become an instant classic of diehard fans. This time, the animation is unlike that of the style of Ghibli-esque blockbusters we have become accustom too, with it’s beautiful and delicate use of sketching and watercolours… no surprise that it received an Oscar nomination for best animated film this year. 621 more words


Are You Ready For An Alien Nation Remake?

Tough tits if you’re not because Hollywood is making it happen with or without your consent.

I have a soft spot for the 1988 cult sci-fi movie, which in my view was way ahead of its time addressing issues of discrimination and social ideologies,  through a buddy-cop premise played against the backdrop of an earth which is now inhabited by an alien race known as the Newcomers. 147 more words

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