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Look What I Made!!

This is a sketch I made around 2 years back! Hope everybody recognizes them 😜

Feedback is highly appreciated! :)


Memorial Day 2015

My favorite place in Manila is the Manila American Cemetery. When I was a girl surrounded by the noise and pollution of the city, it reminded me of home. 538 more words


Teddy RIley and New Jack swing Music

Yep,Yep  all the  trademarks. this weekend  grooving to  Heavy D and the Boyz,Guy

Bobby Brown and especially  Keith  Sweat Brought back those  great memories

of the sound that Teddy RIley help to create known as  New Jack Swing. 145 more words


Jack Stash: Furry 5K, SIFF, Shore Run

When you hear Jack talk about all that fun stuff, get ready to give your fingers a workout and text STASH to 96750. You instantly qualify to win the entire Stash for the week. 159 more words



Allow me to share this interlude, I have been trying to contact group after group that says they are advocates for the blind veterans.  And do you know that to date I have not gotten a single reply?   8 more words

Chris Pratt Wants To Get The Hell Out Of Hollywood

Things are going incredibly well for former Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt. Last summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy propelled his Hollywood star far beyond the earthbound Pawnee, Ind., and  234 more words


Lost: Five Years After "The End"

Five year ago today Lost concluded, igniting praise and controversy- with the latter overshadowing the former. However, Lost continues to be one of my favorite series today. 962 more words