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Escaped New York Prisoners Employ Jack Reacher Style Tactics

In the best selling Lee Child novel “One Shot” the main character, Jack Reacher uses many unorthodox tactics in order to accomplish his means.  Of coarse in all of the Jack Reacher series that I am aware of he is always fighting for the good side.   284 more words

Das offizielle Kinoposter zu MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION

Das offizielle Kinoposter zu MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION
Hey Leute, nachdem die letzten beiden MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Teile eigentlich sehr gut waren, kommt jetzt der neue Teil, ROGUE NATION, in die deutschen Kinos. 13 more words


Technology and the PEBCAC problem, as elucidated by Lee Child's "Jack Reacher"

No system, as the adage goes, is fool-proof to a sufficiently determined and talented fool.  Computer help-desk people have an acronym for it – ‘PEBCAC’, which stands for Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair. 290 more words


The Three Day Quote Challenge, Day #2

The second day’s quote is taken from the book Die Trying by Lee Child:

It wasn’t the end of the world. Just felt like it.

130 more words

Somebody's Gotta...

…sit by a lake with a view of mountains and read a good book.

"Bad Luck And Trouble - Jack Reacher #11" by Lee Child - A Reunion with his old Unit causes Reacher to doubt himself

After reading “The Hard Way”, the tenth book in the series, I was pretty much ready to walk away from Jack Reacher, but I’d already bought “Bad Luck and Trouble” so I decided to give it a chance and it did enough to convince me to keep reading. 461 more words

Book Reviews

Review - Jack Reacher - Lee Child

Hello Internet. Welcome back for Review #10. This week I look at a genre which I can’t say I like very much at all. But you know,when it comes to books, I can’t say I’m one to judge. 545 more words