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I’m trying to get up the nerve to get started painting “Fritz the Cat” for our mailbox. We made a transparency of the design so I could use the overhead projector to try to mark the design on the gray painted metal and holder. 373 more words

The Joys Of Geezerhood

Creativity is in all of us

My husband turned on the heat in the shop awhile ago, so we’ll spend some time out there in a minute.

I’m going to try to get the second side of Fritz the Cat marked, and my husband is going to cut out two more decorations for the mailbox with his computer-guided torch and CNC machine: a cute Jack-O-Lantern and a really nice looking flying eagle. 96 more words

Quality Of Life

Dalek Pumpkin: a fanwork

On Verity Podcast this week they were discussing fanworks and defined it basically as any creative work inspired by media. They talked about mostly fanfiction, fanvids, and fan art, which is what also would immediately come to my mind if someone were to ask me about fanworks, but it was also mentioned that fanworks could be cosplay, or cookies, or music, or any number of things.  31 more words

Doctor Who

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Sorry for the late post! I finally got the photos of this project off of my phone onto my computer.

For halloween this year I thought I’d have a project relating to the holiday and decided on making a 3D printed Jack-O-Lantern with a custom internal board that can flicker LEDs to light the pumpkin up to music or changes in the environment like light and sound. 470 more words


Halloween Pumpkin Tea Light Holder

I hit the jackpot one day at my local thrift store. They had so many cute and fun things that I picked up for next to nothing. 360 more words


Spooky Twisted Tree Statue

I just love reusing things for art and painting projects. There is just something rewarding about it. As if giving a new life to and old object nobody wanted anymore. 508 more words


A Look Back - "October Occasions"

The month of November has been crazy busy for us as we prepare to move stateside in December. My studio is all packed up, my art prints have been shipped to Florida, and we are starting to count down our final days here in Japan (Boo Hoo!!!!!). 132 more words