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Hoping for the best but expecting the worst

On Monday, I got a text from my roommate telling me to watch a movie called Miss Representation. She had watched it in a communications class and thought I would enjoy it.   583 more words


You're living in the past, it's a new generation

I love Jessica Valenti.  She’s an incredible writer and feminist role model.  Earlier this year, she wrote a piece for The Guardian about dress code violations and how they mostly affect women even though there are rules in place for young men too. 390 more words


Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

mic.com published an article on December 4th titled “The 39 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2014.”

This list was almost perfect (there were a few choices I disagreed with), but overall I loved what I was reading.   475 more words


The importance of being a failure (sometimes)

I recently read a post on one of my favorite online magazines, Literally Darling, called The Importance of Sucking at Life.  This is something I feel rather good at and accomplished in in my life.   426 more words


I have been taught to grow in

Lily Myers’ “Shrinking Women” was one of the first slam poetry readings I saw.  It opened my eyes to a lot of the things that I do everyday that do not make any sense. 499 more words


You're not you when you're hungry...

I’m still me when I’m angry.

Time for one of my favorite topics to blog about: street harassment and cat calling!

This video that I found on… 447 more words

As if it wasn't hard enough already...


When the link to this video popped up on my Facebook news feed, I had many thoughts.

1. With the title of the article (and I am going to admit to openly stereotyping here), I figured it must be one of the old, white men talking about young women (and women in general) not being smart or well-informed enough to vote.   401 more words