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A bob, Mark, a BOB.

We last left Cricket witnessing a discussion between her parents about whether she should have her own mobile phone after she carefully dunked her Mum’s phone in the cat’s water bowl. 794 more words



Today was a good day… I spent it with one of my best friends. She has massives breasts and gets custom bikinis made to accommodate them. 233 more words


Superstitions: Friday the 13th and Lucky Number 33

I don’t consider myself to be a superstitious person…until I realize I am.  On February 13th, a Friday, I was released from the hospital after one night.   874 more words


The Lupron phase

I still have some lingering anxiety ridden thoughts on blogging my IVF journey. After the last couple of posts I’ve had second thoughts, later wondering if I should delete any history I’ve imprinted on the web.  594 more words

What We Did...

The Final Countdown

Just a week to go now until our first IVF cycle begins. We also return to Bourn Hall on Wednesday to be taught how to administer the injections correctly. 191 more words


Curve balls. M-f'n curve balls.

Earlier today, I reached out to you fine ladies in search for some guidance. Thank you very much for all your comments & support, it was, as always, tremendously appreciated. 769 more words

Post-transfer weekend

On Friday, the morning of my embryo transfer, I threw my neck out. This has never happened to me before, but as I tipped my head up to hug my wife (who was standing, as I was sitting), my neck just stuck that way. 373 more words