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Not losing hope

Let’s be honest here, the journey of losing weight has not been easy. I could summarize that for the past 1 month I’ve had lost about 3 kilos. 253 more words

Ramblings from my brain to my fingers to your screen :)

I notice when I read other people’s blogs I want to fast forward and find a success story. ┬áThis really is that one community where are rooting for each other even if it is partially selfish and to give us hope. 575 more words


Don't Count Your Chickens Before They...Implant in Your Uterus?

I’ve never been a superstitious person. Until now. I’m not avoiding black cats or walking under ladders. I haven’t turned clockwise seven times in a circle. 321 more words


We wait again

What a bugger! AF turned up this morning! It seems that she’s arrived 4 days earlier than usual! So I rang the doc’s office, we are rescheduling for, hopefully, next week. 72 more words


A Bitter Taste...

I hate this feeling. Anyone else feel it out there? Suddenly, I’m surrounded by dozens of pregnant women, women walking with their babies bumping up and down in their Baby Bjorns, and moms scooting around the city with their cute babies in their new strollers – and – I want to vomit. 319 more words

A Fiesta-less Cinco De Mayo

Just last week, Tuesday, April 28th, right around this time, 6:00 PM, I was walking out of my Hoboken apartment for my long, yet very exciting, night ahead. 1,086 more words


Congratulations, a new princess.....

So today I have seen many photographs circulating, together with the birth certificate belonging to the new princess. It is wonderful news. A new addition to our Royal family. 297 more words