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Hamish Christopher Lewis Weston was born on Thursday 23rd October 2014. His proud grandfather would later be quoted in saying “Tasmania had a holiday for his birth”! 435 more words


Stand up for Pregnancy!

There are 10,000 medical studies that all point to one simple conclusion.  Sitting down is devastating to our health.  Even if you exercise regularly, you cannot undo the damage caused by sitting more than 3 hours a day.  404 more words

Donor Egg; IVF; ICSI; Fertility Treatment

"not pregnant"

It didn’t work.

As clear as ClearBlue electronic display says.

E is crying. I feel numb.

Despite my last entry, day 4 to today has been difficult. 83 more words

Bringing you up to date ..and a re-cap

Wow, another week has passed. I apologise to anyone who has been waiting for an update. The week has been a mix of days when I feel a little better, then days when I’m wondering if to go back to the A&E dept.. 1,186 more words

Update: Friend/Coworker

I have received a few messages asking how my friend/coworker has been doing with her pregnancy. As a recap, during her 2WW she was given the wrong beta and ended up dumping all of her progesterone…when in fact she was pregnant. 434 more words

Our Embies! 

Today we headed to the clinic not knowing if we were really going to do a embryo transfer today or not. Just as we pulled into the town (40 miles away from our house), the nurse tells us that we’re doing a 5 day transfer, which was fine with us. 102 more words


Progesterone In Oil Shots

So there are a few things that I have learned in these last few days of getting shot in the buttocks with this oil… because my hubby works graveyard, it’s impossible for him to give me the shot in the morning before I go to work, so I have to get it done at night. 282 more words