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How Do You Prepare For Productive Therapy Session

Ive been thinking about this a lot and have researched a bit as well. It is easy to just walk into therapy and deal with whatever comes up or comes out. 84 more words

Things I’ve Learned: Following his departure from Orage, Mike Nick reflects on the past 20 years

Things I’ve Learned is a regular freeskier.com column that gives ski industry veterans the spotlight to share personal experiences and insight gained while working in the sport. 20 more words

I've Been Playing: Rogue Legacy!

Have I played it before? No

I know what you’re all saying, “Beverly! How the hell have you never played Rogue Legacy?! It’s like, two years old and an action rogue-like with RPG elements and is really really funny! 389 more words


Wellbutrin Experience

Ive never been on meds but i cant function anymore. So i just got a prescription for wellbutrin. Anyone had experience with it? Good or bad? 26 more words

Anxiety Has Taken Over..

Im not sure ive been THIS bad in a long time.. everything is riding on my shoulders; and i think ive crashed. My families well being depends on my ability to tackle problems and gain employment, but i just cant.. 64 more words