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Glitter and lights. 

Hey you..

My knight in shinning armour.

Everyday I open my eyes to see you, and I have to smile. Because I think I am luckiest girl in the world to find someone loving me more than i can ever ask for.

It's LOVE When You Know It

September 2014

The 1st September weekend is here. And I have so much to share. All these years of being together, the pain and joy, the heartache and love, the obstacles and journey. 187 more words

Hugs & Kisses

Every single day

We see each other every single second. And I cannot believe that we bond together even tighter and closer.

Although the long hard path is still far from over, I am still glad that we held onto each other tightly. 37 more words

Random Thoughts

Midweek break

Because all we need is us against the world. Just you and me, and everything seemed easier and simpler.

I love you as much as you do.

Hugs & Kisses

Monday blues

I am lying by his side, looking at his back, and feeling every pain off his back.

And strangely enough, I had a sudden bout of rendezvous. 133 more words

It's LOVE When You Know It

July || At its Best

It’s been awhile since I visit this page. What a month this July had been, and it’s only the 10th.

Where do I start?

I am with Andrew 24/7, working and being with til night, right back into the bed. 245 more words

Random Thoughts