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ヲタ Cross Line 2 (Wota Cross Line 2)


artist : V.A.
title : ヲタ Cross Line2
label : SUBDUB Trax
catalog number : SD-04
price : 1,620 yen

Finally, it has arrived! 88 more words



Today, I will discuss a serious matter. This is about my current college, where I study. The matter pertains to what I have observed since the past two years. 255 more words


How much does it cost?

For this post, I was thinking, what were some things that I was wondering about studying in Sweden? One of the first questions that came to mind was ‘ 565 more words


Last Class of My College life@ ITM

Today I have attended my last class of my college life, I don’t know what kind of feeling it is which is indirectly affecting my heart and mind, I don’t know anything but  it is true that I am surely gonna miss my college life my ITM.

आज मैं इस पल के जाने का दुख मनाऊ?
या आज मैं अपने आगे आने वाले कल के सपने सजाऊ ?
जी तो करता है मेरा की मैं इस पल से बस ये कह जाऊ.
ज़िंदगी के पन्नों में तुम्हारी यादो की छवि तो हमेशा रहेगी।
भूल भी गई अगर मैं इन लम्हों को,
तो ये याद बनकर मुझसे बस यही कहेगी,
वो ज़िंदगी का एक महत्वपूण लम्हा था,
उस ज्ञान को तुम भूल ना जाना।
कभी याद आये इन यादो की,
तो पलट के एक बार तुम इन पन्नो को दोहराना।
बस विनती है तुमसे ये मेरी की तुम,
मुझे कभी भूल ना जाना।

Prerna Mehrotra



I would like to tell you that my college is giving an opportunity to those who have innate interest in painting and printing of folk arts like Madhbani and Warli register immediately with Ms.Shomma Banerjee whose contact number is mentioned below. 87 more words