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Road Trip 2015, Day 10 Carsulae

Sunny again….
Took it easy today, lounged around a bit and done a few domestic chores in the morning.

Got on the bike around midday and popped over to Carsulae, an old roman town, not much left of it now but the site is all well laid out with maps and plenty of things to read along with a museum and cafe, well worth the 5 euro entry charge. 118 more words

Italy 2014

Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful #5

It’s been more than a month since I’ve started this blog! Woo!

I’m once again avoiding a writing assignment – this time it’s my last research paper of my entire college career. 598 more words

In Denial

Fifteen days. Fifteen days from right now, I will be a college graduate.


I can’t wrap my head around it. I don’t want to think about it. 761 more words

One Year Ago Today

So many of my stories begin with those words. I have an incredibly weird memory, especially for numbers and dates.

Sometimes I wonder if how much I dwell on the past is healthy. 475 more words

Italy 2015: Sanremo hosts announced

SANREMO, ITALY – As we already mentioned a few weeks ago the 65th edition of Sanremo Festival, unlike the 2014 edition, is going to be a big one, not to say a huge one. 126 more words


The Florence Journals: On Leave Taking and Gratitude

This morning I sit at my window as a gentle mist wets the street below. The soprano in a nearby apartment is running her scales as the construction workers across the way toil to renovate the gutted 6 story building which I am told will house tourist apartments. 1,074 more words


The Florence Journals: Cooking a 4 Course Meal at In Tavola Cooking School

I love Italian food! That probably goes without saying. Italy is known for its food, so, it’s not surprising that one of the classic things to do in Florence is to take a cooking class. 1,075 more words